About us



The idea to create our products came from a simple need and desire to indulge in clothing pieces that you do not have to make compromises with. Timeless clothes which will be joy to wear for more than one season and will be made locally from sustainable, high quality materials.

Sleeves to short? Too wide? Too long then? Crazy colors and prints. Trendy fits which are not going to work the next season. Itching sweater made from fossil fuels. Pieces you would wash once and it is gone. Sad pieces that are hard to mix and match with your wardrobe. Well, I thought that enough is enough.

The main mission is to offer clothing pieces that fit the bodies perfectly and effortlessly. Mainstream size charts are not our guidelines. Our guidelines are you and that you feel chic, comfy and yourself.




Our clothing are made in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic, by hand and most importantly with love. Our collections are mostly limited series so it can happen that some of the colors or sizes will sold out.